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Things You Need To Know About Facetime Before Using It

Do you stay in a different country from your native’s place? Do you miss your family? The advancement of technology has helped people to get rid of this hassle. You can do video calls to your loved ones even sitting in some other country. Facetime, an app actually supports only in specific devices. Even this app is used for business purpose also.

Countries where Facetime is supported

Facetime cannot be used in all countries. Before you use it, you must know about facetime supported countries. If you buy a device from UAE or Pakistan, the app is not enabled. In China, however Facetime only video is enabled. All the other countries expect the mentioned can experience the facility. Recently the facility has made available in Saudi Arabia. Even it is planning to cut the ban from the states of UAE.

Facetime will help you to keep in contact

This app will help you to keep in touch from people around the world. Unlike the classical facilities, Download Facetime For Android this app is free of cost. Thus, it means you can call whenever you like. People who are upset due to relocating to other states can still keep in touch.

Sharing the activities with your closed ones

As the app is all about visual, it means that you can also share fun activities with the caller. It is very easy to share photos through this app. You can also able to record the call in this app. Even you will able to choose angle based on your call. Another fun activity which you can avail is sending stickers or emojis. Even the device will allow you to send live photos. Even you can block the contacts if we wish too in Facetime.