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The Progress of Boxing and Boxing Equipment

Boxing is a sporting activity. It is a type of sport where two individuals are kept in a boxing ring, fighting with their fists. Though regarded as an ancient sport, boxing was really entertaining even though entertainment and betting were existing for many years. With the change in time, boxing as a sport and it’s equipment have tremendously improved.

Going back to history especially the Greek and Roman times boxing, it was a loved sport but yet lacked equipment. Then, boxers would go into chalk rings and would make serious attempts to knock down their opponents with bare fists in order to win a prize. Due to it’s entertaining nature, people engaged in betting and it became a way of life to them.

Again, due to advancement in time, new boxing equipment has been developed and this gave rise to the construction of a new boxing ring in 1838. The first square ring was developed with the idea of ropes tied at the edges. This pattern is still in use till now as you will see an elevated platform with a square shape, and ropes tied around the edges.


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The Historical Greek and Roman Contenders

The system at which the historical Greek and Roman contenders fought is not the same with the current practice. Both the ancient Greek and the Romans would apply bare fists on their opponents due to noninvention of boxing gloves. This pattern is currently termed as being dangerous to human life.
Credit should be given to modern technology and for the invention of some equipment which also serves as a protective measure.
The use of boxing gloves now reduces the extent of both head and brain injuries. This development also applies to other boxing equipment especially the punch bags which help a skilled boxer train for a fight.
Furthermore, the new boxing equipment has developed from the bare knuckle fight to the speedball and platform. The speedball is a ball suspended by a spring-loaded platform that is designed to speedily swing the ball back into it’s place. This modern innovation has greatly aided boxers by training, to aid speed of hand and eye coordination.
So, whether the transformation from the ancient practices to the use of new boxing equipment, the goal of knock down the opponent still remains the same.

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